Braintree House Clearances

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Contact Braintree House Clearances today for your property or probate clearance needs. A locally based company offering property clearance services in Braintree district and surrounding towns, we provide a quick and painless way to clear your property of unwanted furniture and other items. With extensive experience of both property and probate clearances, we are happy to clear any type of property, whether it’s a large or small house, flat, retirement home or bungalow, as well as shops and offices.

Part of the Essex House Clearances group, we offer a friendly and efficient service for local property owners and agents.

Whether you are looking for help disposing of unwanted furniture at a new or old home, or selling a house on behalf of a relative, Braintree House Clearances can help. We always offer a free site evaluation, although if you’re pressed for time you can also email us images of the items / rooms to be cleared for an initial quote.

Braintree House Clearances is a local business with many years’ experience of property clearances, not just in Braintree but across most of Essex, including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Colchester and surround towns. We pride ourselves on offering a discreet, efficient and friendly service.

So, if you need a professional house clearance service, contact us today!

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Braintree House Clearances

If you have a property you need to be cleared, perhaps after the passing of a relative, prior to selling or after the termination of a tenancy, get in touch with Braintree House Clearances. We are happy to visit the property (accompanied or unaccompanied, according to your preference) to provide a no-obligation quote based on your requirements.  We offer offer simple and friendly advice and are more than happy to discuss your needs face to face, so if you need our help, call Braintree House Clearances today!

Although we’re based in Braintree and cover all local areas, we offer house clearance services across most areas of Essex. Click here if you’d like to see what areas we cover or, alternatively, just call or drop us a line using our contact form!

Braintree and Essex House Clearances

Contact Tel: 07497 882128